Karl Korsar | Fashion Designer

Noble materials, contemporary approach

Hand drawn or digital, we develop each design as an individual piece of art. Our primary focus is on creating prints that are not influenced by current fashion trends but a reaction to what’s happening around us in general. We believe that the world of fashion is becoming ever more textile based-combining fibres, prints and fabric manipulation techniques. That is the reason why we at KarlKorsar are determined to deliver exciting new prints on the highest quality of fabric.

Most of our production is digitally printed which enables us to bring you small scale eclectic and bespoke prints but above all a sustainable production. Digitally printed garments limit the environmental impact that is created by textile waste.

Each design, from its inception, is created with the bodies’ dynamic movement in mind. Our beautiful prints are arresting when still, but spring to life when worn.

  Expertly printed onto a variety of bespoke fabrics sourced from across Europe. Each garment is then lovingly tailored with the most refined detail.

Stylish and unique – eclectic and bespoke. Designed and produced in Europe.


Karl-Artur Korsar is the creative design talent behind everything we make.
Born in the small city of Tartu in southeast Estonia, the son of a tailor and younger brother to couture dressmaker Hanna Korsar, Karl moved to Tallinn aged 19 to study textile design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Here, alongside a technical understanding of fabrics, he developed his passion and flair for print design.

Following his studies, Karl spent 5 years working on various freelance commissions in London, Melbourne and Sydney, before returning to Estonia to focus on setting up a label with a clear and unique vision:

“I’ve always been fascinated by the dynamism of fabrics and how they spring to life when worn. I want to create clothing that people are excited to wear and which makes them feel edgy yet elegant. KarlKorsar is a gift to oneself adding a bit of spark into your everyday life – I create all of my designs with this at the forefront of my mind.”

Realising this vision is what drives us at KarlKorsar forward and what separates us from the crowd.